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Entrepreneurial Mindset Social is a special interest group of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network. It supports social entrepreneurs, employees and citizens in the creation of value in society. We provide an entrepreneurial mindset definition, share entrepreneurial mindset examples, offer international networking opportunities and deliver entrepreneurial mindset training.


Many people use the phrase “entrepreneurial mindset” but it is often used in a vague or ill-defined way. To solve this problem, the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network has created an easy to understand, common sense and practical definition of the entrepreneurial mindset based on 7 essential entrepreneurial behaviours.

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What makes this definition of the entrepreneurial mindset distinctive is that is based on entrepreneurial behaviours. The focus is on helping people to think, act and behave like an entrepreneur. This definition of the entrepreneurial mindset is relevant not just to entrepreneurs but also employees in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Other definitions of the entrepreneurial mindset focus on skills. However, these definitions are often made up of generic business or transferable skills, and they fail to capture the distinct nature of entrepreneurship. Action, and therefore behaviour, is central to the concept of entrepreneurship. Skills are the abilities you have learned. Behaviour is the act of putting those skills to good use.

The advantage of our approach is that people can learn to change their behaviours and make good use of their existing knowledge and skills. People are often trained in a range of skills that they may or may not use. We describe our 7 entrepreneurial behaviours as essential not optional. Essential behaviours challenge people to make full use of their skills.

Our proposition is that employees often have the right skills, they just need to change their behaviours. Entrepreneurs and employees may work in very different contexts yet they possess similar skills. What distinguishes entrepreneurs from employees is how they behave, the way they apply those skills. Employees can gain substantial benefits by adopting an entrepreneurial mindset.

7 key ideas about the entrepreneurial mindset

These 7 Key Ideas will quickly help you to appreciate that anyone can gain benefits from thinking and acting like an entrepreneur. Whoever you are, and wherever you live, the mindset will help you to to keep motivated, to cope with all the challenges of the modern world and to achieve your life goals.

1 There is a common sense definition of the mindset. Many people use the phrase “entrepreneurial mindset” but it is often used in a vague or ill-defined way. The Entrepreneurial Mindset Network has created an easy to understand, common sense and practical definition of the entrepreneurial mindset based on 7 essential entrepreneurial behaviours.This definition is relevant to individuals, organisations and society, to every culture and country.

2 The mindset is not only for entrepreneurs. You don't have to be running your own business to gain the benefits of the entrepreneurial mindset. You can learn to think and act like an entrepreneur if you are an employee in the private, public or not-for-profit sectors. You can use the mindset to create cultural, economic, environmental and social value. You can use the entrepreneurial mindset to make your unique contribution to the world.

3 Anyone can learn to develop the mindset. Entrepreneurs enjoy success in life because of their behaviours ie the way they think and act. It is not the case that only some people are born with the right mindset. Anyone can learn to mimic these entrepreneurial behaviours and use them to achieve their own career & life goals. The mindset is inclusive and celebrates diversity as a catalyst for innovation.

4 The mindset brings real benefits. People from all over the world tell us that there are many benefits to having an entrepreneurial mindset including: a clearer sense of purpose, more creative ideas, an ability to speak up & challenge the status quo, a greater appetite for calculated risk taking, stronger networking & collaboration, higher levels of job satisfaction and an improved work/life balance.

5 The mindset is a 'must have' not 'a nice to have'. An entrepreneurial mindset is essential nowadays if you want to be able to cope with a world that is increasingly complex and uncertain. The right mindset will enable you to stay confident, to see opportunities and to overcome challenges. With the mindset you ask yourself “how can I make this happen?” Without the mindset, life can feel overwhelming and it is easy to lose your sense of control.

6 We need to be aware of the hype and be realistic. There are many stories of successful entrepreneurs in the media. That success does not come easily. The truth is that entrepreneurs face many difficult financial challenges and mental health pressures. Therefore, the entrepreneurial mindset isn’t just wishful thinking. It means being prepared to put the hard work in and being resilient during the difficult times in your entrepreneurial journey.

7 The mindset can help you change the world. Entrepreneurs choose to take personal responsibility for making change happen. Like an entrepreneur, you say to yourself "I think this change is important - how am I going to make it happen?" Each of us can make our contribution. An entrepreneurial mindset empowers you to take action about the things you really care about. The right mindset can help you change the world.


We aim to gather inspiring stories from the members of our international Network and share them on this website.  You can find inspiration and reflect on your own practice. Click on an image to read or download a story. You can also share your own story, bringing your lessons and experiences to the attention of like-minded people around the world.

Share your own story

We welcome articles, opinion pieces and interviews on any aspect of the entrepreneurial mindset and society. To discuss your idea, to get advice about preparing a draft story, to receive questions if you would prefer to be interviewed, or to submit your draft article for review and feedback, simply use the contact details below.


We aim to facilitate networking amongst an international community of people and organisations who share a commitment to using the entrepreneurial mindset to create social value and impact.  

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It is quick and easy to become a member of the Network by clicking the [JOIN THE NETWORK] at the top of any page on this website.  Membership is free.  You have the option to add your membership to your LinkedIn profile - instructions how to do this are in your welcome message when you join.

Benefits of the mindset for individuals

The right mindset will help you not just to cope with all the changes life throws at you, but to be strong, to thrive and to build a path towards the best possible version of your life. It empowers and energises you, it keeps you realistic and determined. The mindset keeps your motivation high, even in difficult times. It makes you resilient; you say to yourself “despite all the obstacles, how do I make this happen?” The entrepreneurial mindset will help you to achieve your goals in life and your career, and to make your unique contributionto the world.

Sustainable development

Discussions around the entrepreneurial mindset in society take into consideration a number of the Sustainable Development Goals established in 2015 by the United Nations, including gender equality, clean energy, sustainable cities and communities and climate action.

Interactive webinars

We will soon launch a series of interactive webinars for the members of our community.  What will make our webinars distinctive will be the emphasis on enabling a conversation, one which allows an exchange of views between community members and the co-creation of actions that will support change.  After each webinar, we will produce a summary of the key lessons and make  a PDF available for download.

Benefits of the Mindset for organisations

The entrepreneurial mindset can make sure that an organsiation gets the very best from each of its employees. Leaders and managers can use the mindset to release all the untapped human potential in their organisations, by empowering employees, encouraging and rewarding them to innovate, take risks and act in the interests of customers. Innovation is enhanced when more employees are empowered, when there is greater diversity, inclusivity and equity. Employees with the right mindset transform the organisation with their can-do attitude. In turn, this enables organisations to succeed with significant, large scale and transformational change.

Paul Coyle

Paul Coyle is the Founder and Director of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network. He is an expert in the entrepreneurial mindset, leadership and organisational transformation.  You can view Paul's LinkedIn profile, and follow or connect with him.

Benefits of the mindset for society

Society is improved by having more people who feel empowered to take action about societal issues. It makes a difference when individuals choose to try and make their own contribution to societal problems. The entrepreneurial mindset can help each of us to see our place in the larger system and the part we can play. As individuals we can't solve the really big problems by ourselves but we can find and collaborate with other people who share the same desire to make a difference. When each of us asks “I think this change is important so how do I make it happen?” we can all find the part we can play in addressing societal and global issues, including the Sustainable Development Goals as agreed by the United Nations General Assembly.


Our mission is to empower our members to use the mindset so that they can make their unique contribution to the world. Use our defintion of the mindset. Find inspiration in the examples from around the world. Add new connections from our global community to your network. Read our book, register for our workshops, explore your results from our MINDSET Profile Tool in personal coaching sessions.

Foreword to the Third Edition by Paul Coyle

I first wrote and published this book in 2019. My goal was to help readers to develop their entrepreneurial mindset with a step-by-step practical guide.I want anybody to be able to pick up the book and feel inspired to develop their mindset.

Of course an entrepreneurial mindset is essential when you are starting, running or growing a company in any business sector. The good news is that it is just as useful if you are an employee in a private company, in the public sector or in a not-for-profit organisation. That's because the mindset empowers you to learn how to become the best version of yourself, so that you can go on to achieve all your career and life goals.

Anyone can use the power of the entrepreneurial mindset for personal, organisational and societal change. Therefore, this book has been written to help employees and entrepreneurs, educators and students, leaders and activists, innovators and intrapreneurs.

The book is packed with advice, examples and useful exercises. I myself return to the book again and again to find inspiration in its many ideas and lessons. I hope you will also be inspired and use the entrepreneurial mindset to make your unique contribution to the world.

Paul Coyle, Director, Entrepreneurial Mindset Network, June 2022.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Network provides a range of workshops and master classes that accelerate the development of the mindset. These events are engaging, realistic, inclusive, make the most of your existing expertise and create actions that are designed to support real change. Following completion of a master class, participants have the option to add an award to the Education section of their LinkedIn profile. 

5 Reasons our Master Classes are Distinctive and Impactful.

1 We make our Master Classes engaging. We focus on discussions and practical exercises. We keep the formal input brief and to the point. We keep it interesting and relevant.

2 We keep it real. We talk about what it is really like. We facilitate discussion of positive points and frustrations. We don’t shy away from the difficult issues.

3 We are inclusive. We make sure every voice is heard. We help you to innovate by considering different points of view. We facilitate the crowdsourcing and co-creation of practical solutions.

4 We make the most of your existing expertise. We assume that each participant has useful experience to share. We offer a framework that helps you to make the best of your existing knowledge and skills. We capture and reflect back your best ideas.

5 We focus on actions to generate real change. We make sure you can take action as soon as you get back to your desk. We help you to make professional choices. We fire up your motivation and commitment to getting things done.


You can gain invaluable feedback about your entrepreneurial mindset by using our online MINDSET Profile Tool. It is not the case that you either have the mindset or you don't, that you are either born with it or not. Each person can develop the strength of their entrepreneurial mindset over time and improve the way they think and act like an entrepreneur. Everybody can go on this entrepreneurial journey and the MINDSET Profile Tool will help you.

The Tool is designed to make you think, by asking you questions about your entrepreneuriual behaviours. By considering the questions and choosing your answers, you will be able to reflect on those behaviours. You will receive immediate feedback on screen. Afterwards you will immediately receive an email with the questions, your answers and some brief advice about how to make progress with your entrepreneurial behaviours in the future.

People who have used the MINDSET Profile Tool are based in the following 38 countries: Albania🇦🇱, Angola🇦🇴, Austria🇦🇹,

Belgium🇧🇪,Bosnia and Herzegovina🇧🇦, Canada🇨🇦, Egypt 🇪🇬, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, Estonia 🇪🇪, France🇫🇷, Germany🇩🇪, India🇮🇳,

Ireland🇮🇪, Italy🇮🇹, Jordan🇯🇴,Lebanon🇱🇧, Malawi🇲🇼, Mauritius🇲🇺, Morocco🇲🇦, Netherlands🇳🇱, Northern Ireland🇬🇧, Nigeria🇳🇬,

Norway🇳🇴, Oman🇴🇲, Pakistan🇵🇰,Poland 🇵🇱, Portugal 🇵🇹, Russia🇷🇺, Saudi Arabia🇸🇦, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, Singapore 🇸🇬,

South Africa🇿🇦, Spain🇪🇸, Taiwan🇹🇼, Tunisia🇹🇳, USA🇺🇸, Wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 and Zambia🇿🇲.

Using the MINDSET Profile Tool to create a Personal Development Plan

The full MINDSET Profile Tool gives you feedback on all 7 of your entrepreneurial behaviours.You can derive maximum benefit from the MINDSET Profile Tool by combining it with Personal Coaching in a confidential video call. This discussion will help you to really understand the feedback you have received.

Coaching provides you with expert advice so that you can create a certified Personal Development Plan, which you can use for career planning and advancement.

Using the MINDSET Profile Tool to create a Team Development Plan

The MINDSET Profile Tool can also be used for team evaluation and development. Everybody in the team uses the MINDSET Profile Tool and receives their own confidential feedback with coaching. This is followed by an online event to review the overall results and performance for the team as a whole.

The outcome is a deeper understanding of the team, the role of each member of the team, and a plan for improving performance.

Try the MINDSET Profile Tool & get feedback on the behaviour [D] Dare to take risks

You can sample the MINDSET Profile Tool and get feedback about your entrepreneurial behaviour [D] Dare to take risks. You will be asked a series of questions. Each question will ask you to choose one of two options. There are no right or wrong answers. Simply consider each question and try to give an honest answer.

After you have finished answering the questions, you will receive some brief feedback on screen. This feedback is designed to help you to reflect on your current entrepreneurial behaviour and think about how to improve in the future. You will also receive an email with a copy of the questions and your responses immediately after you finish using the Tool.


The Entrepreneurial Mindset is a must-read for anyone seeking to cultivate a growth mindset and unleash their entrepreneurial spirit. This book provides valuable insights into the traits and habits of successful entrepreneurs and inspires readers to adopt a proactive and innovative approach to problem-solving, opportunity-seeking, or calculated risk-taking. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business professional, or an everyday person this book will challenge you to think differently and equip you with the tools you need to achieve success in a rapidly changing world. So why wait? As entrepreneurship is all about action, unleash your potential and get your hands on this inspiring step-by-step guide today! Enikő Koppány, Business Development Office Lead, University of Szeged, Hungary, February 2023

A well-written, hands-on book on how the mind shapes behavior and particularly, how training an entrepreneurial way of thinking helps individuals to think about new solutions to address the problems they like to solve. The book encourages people to specifically focus on seven points to move from thinking toward practice. The reflective questions at the end of each chapter are an excellent guide to help people to think more ‘business like’, prompting the reader to stimulate, and change, their way of thinking. A great book for anyone new to the world of entrepreneurship. Bob Bastian, Postdoctoral Researcher,Università di Pavia, Italy, October 2022

This clear, engaging book has made me look at my work with fresh eyes, and has injected a new sense of purpose into what I do. It tackles what is the heart of the work condition for many of us, when we are feeling that our job is ok but has become a slight drag, a bit dull or routine, nothing too awful but we don't know how to go about tackling it. It has given me a much-needed career energy boost. Highly recommended. Carolyn Howitt, Executive Search Researcher and Careers Counsellor, London, United Kingdom, July 2020